Ostwestfalen – a place for business and investment

The northernmost region of North Rhine-Westphalia comprises the city of Bielefeld and the administrative districts of Minden-Lübbecke, Herford, Gütersloh, Paderborn and Höxter. The 54 towns and districts, covering an area of 5,272 square kilometers, are home to some 1.7 million inhabitants or 766,528 private households. Ostwestfalen generates a gross domestic product of 51,667 euros per employee and wields a retail purchasing power of approx. 9 billion euros – making it one of Germany’s top 10 economic regions.

The Ostwestfalen region is famous for its attractive cities and varied landscape. Rich in history and boasting large areas of unspoiled natural countryside, the region is ideal for relaxing, traveling – or living.